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infi.net's Cool Site Of The Day (August 2, 1995)
"The original and still the best, Cool Site Of The Day is more than a mere list of links. It is required daily reading for anyone interested in keeping up with what's happening on the Web. Even if you don't agree with the picks, it is worth knowing what these Arbiters of Online Coolness think. Newbies might want to check out the archives for a taste of the hippest stuff in Webland.." --Yahoo Internet Life

This site's been granted Best Site Award by AntiqueCollector.uk.com. Antique Collector Best Site Award
I visited your Website today and noticed that you have achieved many site awards for the quality and content of your site. I was also very impressed. You have a superbly confident site with slick navigation, the best classified and auction service online. The extensive collectibles sections are particularly relevant.

point.com Top 5% of the Web

The EPages: General Merchandise Classifieds
Content: 60/100
Presentation: 64/100
Experience: 62/100

Browsing these classifieds is fast, with no dandified graphics to slow you down -- sort of like what you'd expect from a newspaper. They're organized according to region and subject. For instance, we entered the country and city code for Athens, Greece, and found a job opening for sales of enviromentally safe cleaning products (no word on whether they call it Amway or Greway over there.) Among the Antiques & Collectibles merchandise, "Quake Wax" is guaranteed to protect your vases and porcelain miniatures from tremblers, or "romping kitties."

Review category:

BOC Online has researched, tested and compiled the best and most responsive places to post classified ads online. Our top 20 pay-for and top 20 free classifieds on the WWW:
#1 E-Page Classifieds #1 E-Page Classifieds
Claim to receive over 60,000 hits per day. Featured as a Lycos Top 5% Site. Site is laid out nice and fairly simple to navigate. They offer free classified advertising for non-commercial ads, private-party ads only. There is a small fee for commercial ads and it will likely pay off. Also listed as #1 on the Top 20 Free Classifieds.


"Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is the WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD." (As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.) "

MEJCO'S Top Researched Classified Ad Companies in Cyberspace!



EPage received the highest rating (over 100 people responded in 10 days to the initial ad we placed with E-page). Thank you for your time, patience, help, & understanding. Our company will be doing more business with E-page in the future!

Check It Out's Top 100

Top 100 List of most popular products on Check It Out, the Web's #1 Shopping Search Engine 

Jayde Gold Diamond Award

EPage is the premiere full service classified advertising site on the Web. Tops on the list is that all private party classifieds are free. Operating since 1994, EPage has served hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. EPage has abo ut 250,000 visitors each month, and they display over 350,000 ads per DAY. The completely revamped site has many new features including account management, ad renewals, email notifications, and free custom classifieds for any website.

Surfer's Choice Web Awards

We found everything easy to use and the flow of the site was superb. The Webmaster program is a great idea. Overall your site is a very useful and easy to use resource. We think that's what a user looks for in this type of site and you have wisely responded.

We are pleased to award it our 4 Star Site Review and our "Blue Diamond" Award for your site's excellence as a web resource.

Quiet Revolution Five Star Award

"The 5-Star award is one of the most sought after awards for businesses both small and large. This award does not come easily .

Your web site is very fascinating -- and that's exactly what we like ... Creativity and New Ideas!

Like you, we work very hard to keep our growing Winners Index in tip-top shape, selecting only the best sites on the Web. We know the work never seems to end -- but your hard work has paid off! "

GIG Consulting: Creative Internet Marketing

GIG Consulting Distinctive Web Site Award

"Excellence in Internet Design, Content, and Functionality"

All Campus Best Site

"No matter where you live, this site will provide you with all the classified information you will need. Find Want Ads, Personals, Real Estate... even post your own ad. "

Starting Point Hot Site

Mother Of All Classified Links! - Webmaster Pick

The Best of TOLSN - The On Line Shopping Network Top Five Site

Dead on the Web Resource Award

The "Dead on the Web Resource Award" is given to select Web Sites who are promoting the future of the Internet and striving to prevent others from becoming members of the "Invisible Web" and eventually a part of the "Dead Web!"

Good People's Choice Award

We have visited your web site and are proud to give you the Good People's Choice Award. This award is very different because the meaning of it is to promote honest, moral and ethical good values on the Internet.
When you place it on your web page you are letting others know that you adhere to these principles. And by linking the award back to us, other honest visitors to your web site also have the opportunity to win the award for their web pages also. This helps all of us to promote honesty and worthwhile content thoroughout the Internet.

[Internet Collectibles Awards - Site Of The Year Award]

ICA - Classifieds Site of the Year Award

Click here to vote for us in the current Internet Collectibles Awards.

As the Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards, I want to congratulate you again on being selected as an ICA - Classifieds Site of the Year Award winner. All winners in each category are based on the largest volume of votes received by our Collectibles fans during the June 1st - December 1st voting period.

With Friendship,

Deacon Jones
NFL Hall of Fame


TiffDee Graphix Award of Excellence


I am the President and founder of TiffDee Graphix. I would like to offer you our award for your excellent site, you have produced a great service.

We would like you to be the first site to accept this new award, and continue your great work!


Darryl J. Dowling


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