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EPage, Inc. is committed to providing the best full service auction and classified advertising on the Web through our EPage Network Classifieds service. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. This means doing whatever we can to bring together buyers and sellers.

In our nine plus years on the web, we have learned what users like and want. EPage has continually evolved by adding features to easy browsing and posting ads.

It is our goal to be the low cost solution for all types of advertising, be it classifieds, auctions, banners, or any other advertising format.


EPage has developed proprietary software specifically designed to support a huge database of advertisements and affiliates. Ads can be placed into hundreds of categories as well as thousands of custom categories created by our affiliates. Each ad is also sorted by location. EPage continuously upgrades connectivity and hardware to assure unhindered growth for future growth.

Business Model

EPage Network Classifieds is the world's largest network of classified ad and auction sites. The network includes niche sites, local portals, newspapers, television stations, media companies, major corporations, and close to 30,000 other web sites.

Our affilated sites account for approximately half of all the visitor traffic. These sites leverage the power of the network to bring their users more ads and more readers than any one site alone could offer, yet they still have the ability to customize the look and categories specifically to their audience. Incentive for becoming part of the network is not just the money earned from the revenue share. Classifieds and auctions provide dynamic content that builds community and increases customer retention.

EPage Network Classifieds' business model relies on a variety of sources. While private party ads are free, there are a number of revenue streams (all of which are available for affiliate revenue share):

  • Commercial classified ad fees;
  • Optional ad enhancements;
  • Gold Memberships;
  • Display Advertising;
  • Partnerships with symbiotic businesses;
  • Fully branded classified ad sites (separate from our network).

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of putting classifieds on the Internet. Advertisers expect results, and EPage Network Classifieds provides those results by bringing thousands of readers to the classifieds every day. EPage Network Classifiedss attraction is the presentation of classifieds to its readers in a fast, useful manner. Readers have two choices: classifieds can be viewed by region or subject. "Region" viewing is most similar to newspaper classifieds. "Subject" viewing brings together all of the advantages of the global nature of the Internet and allows users to see classifieds from all over the world.

    "We needed to appeal not only to expert Web surfers but to computer novices who are just learning about the Internet. Most of our readers use modems, which can be slow and frustrating. On our system, modem users can see 100 classifieds in 5 seconds, and are never more than two clicks away from classifieds."

EPage Network Classifieds' commitment to the future is evidenced by its new and exclusive features, as well as some of our "firsts": EPage Network Classifieds was one of the first free classified services on the Web; EPage Network Classifieds was among the first sites offering auctions to the Internet community in 1996; EPage Network Classifieds was one of the first affiliate programs (and the first offering Classifieds and/or Auctions) starting this in 1996. EPage Network Classifieds has a subscriber-based e-mailing service, where users can be notified quickly when new classifieds arrive. EPage Network Classifieds is also offering a free classified page to any site on the Web:

    "We decided with the rapid expansion of the Web it was important to go to where the readers are. A good example is the "VetteNet", a page where Corvette enthusiasts congregate. We provide the VetteNet with a classified ad page; VetteNet readers are happy with the free service, which ultimately attracts more readers to EPage Classifieds. This program has seen explosive growth, and is now the largest classified and auction network in the world."


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