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  Online since 1994, EPage Network Classifieds has always been designed for ease of use to make sure sellers can simply place ads and buyers can quickly find what they are looking for. Highlights of the company's accomplishents are:
  • One of first 1,500 "Dot-com" companies on the Web.
  • EPage Network Classifieds is the oldest classified ad site on the Web.
  • World's largest classified ad network
  • EPage created one of the first Internet affiliate programs, prior to Amazon, in 1996.
  • Self funded; profitable since 1997
  • 3.5 billion classified ads displayed
  • 850,000 visits per month
  • 28,000+ affiliate sites
  • Consistent increases in traffic, affiliates, and revenue - including through the recent down economy.

Custom classifieds features for affiliates:

  • No start-up fee
  • No maintenance fee
  • Customer Referral Revenue Share
  • Gross Income Revenue Share
  • Platform Independent (PC/Unix/Linux/Mac)
  • Unlimited number of ads
  • Choice of categories to display
  • Customize the color and fonts
  • Thousands of network ads from day one
  • Inventory is shared in the EPage Network
  • Basic site statistics
  • Custom categories
  • Co-branding through online template sumbission
  • URL Branding
  • Custom templates for co- or full-branding
  • Eliminate navigation bar, return bar, footer option
  • Private site content option
  • Web based administration
  • Same day setup
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Classified ads
  • Auction ads
  • Customizable fonts and colors
  • Choose any/all of the network categories
  • Choose to display network ads
  • Ads can be posted into network
  • Inventory of tens of thousands of ads
  • User registration
  • Full help section
  • Search within site
  • SearchAlerts
  • Site page view statistics
  • Photo uploading to ads
  • "Feature Ad" paid display option
  • "Color Background" paid display option
  • "Icon" paid display option
  • "All Region" paid display option
  • "Site Link" paid display option
  • "Gold Member" paid membership option
  • Hidden E-Mail address in ads (no Spam)
  • Confidential ad replies
  • User feedback system
  • "About this User" link
  • "Other Ads" by this user link
  • Hit counters for ads (on Account Page)
  • Category counters
  • Encryption based authentication
  • Session tracking
  • Automated maintenance
  • Daily backups

Classified ad technology developed by EPage provides a wide variety of services for Web site visitors, customers, affiliates, and partners:

  • Organization and presentation of ads in a hierarchical classification.
  • Online placement of classified ads.
  • Keyword search for relevant classified ads.
  • Ad view grouping either by subject or by region.
  • Sorting of subject ad listings by location, starting time, or ending time.
  • Long text storage for an ad's More Info page.
  • Upload and formatting of multiple pictures for an ad.
  • Forwarding of messages to an ad owner's email address.
  • Ad owner's email address is kept private.
  • A feedback service for leaving comments about users.
  • Information page displaying a user's ads and feedback.
  • Optional display features for an ad including Feature Ad (top-of-page), All Region (all regional pages), color background, leading icon, and Site Link.
  • A full-featured search engine provided by Texis Webinator.
  • A SearchAlert service that remembers search phrases and emails summaries of matching new ads.
  • Password protected account page for a user to manage their ads, SearchAlerts, and other services.
  • Editing of ad content by the ad owner.
  • Cancellation and renewal of an ad by the ad owner.
  • A secure credit card payment service for making payments on amounts due to EPage.
  • Email reminders for approaching ad expiration.
  • Ad renewal directly through email.
  • Email reminders of ads pending a payment, and account amounts due.
  • A comments page that sends email to EPage.
  • A brandable affiliation service that provides a complete classified ad service for affiliate Web sites.
  • Affiliates can use existing categories, or create their own.
  • Affiliates can customize the look and feel of their classified ad service.
  • Affiliates are allocated a revenue share for payments made on ads placed through their classified ad service.
  • Status and management pages for affiliate owners.
  • Email status messages to affiliate owners.
  • A service that embeds affiliate categories directly into a Web page on affiliate's Web site.
  • Referral service that credits a referring user with a percentage of fees collected from a referred user.
  • A service that embeds a list of a user's ads onto a Web page.


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