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  EPage, one of the first "dot com" companies in the world, was established in 1994 by Peter Olpe and Edward Arenberg. Their goal was to bring affordable advertising services to consumers and businesses by leveraging the power of the Internet. EPage created one of the first 1,500 commercial Web sites, and the first dynamic classified advertising service on the Web at EP.com in 1994. Brad Waller, now a recognized expert in the field of affiliate programs, joined EPage shortly thereafter - in early 1995. With the help of its affiliate programs, EPage has now grown to over 850,000 monthly visitors. To date, the EPage Network has displayed over 3.5 billion classified advertisements to its readers.

EPage (October 1994)

Offering users access to a network of classified ad sites, EPage.com Network Classifieds is the largest classified ad network on the World Wide Web. EPage maintains its leadership position in the classifieds industry by continually innovating its capabilities.

EPage is a recognized pioneer in the area of affilate programs. Popularized by Amazon, the EPage.com Network Classifieds affiliate/ associate programs predated Amazon's entry into this business model (patent notwithstanding).

EPage recognized the value of providing classified ad services to other Web sites, and the power of allowing others to promote it. First with the Agent program in 1995, and later with the Classified Service Provider (CSP) program in 1996, EPage created the first classified advertising affiliate program. The CSP program now hosts over 23,000 sites.

In 1998, EPage foresaw the burgeoning growth area for vertical portals and began adopting its technology for this market. Piece Unique, a site dedicated to high fashion designer garments and accessories was the first customer for a fully customized classified advertising service. The custom classifieds were so successful that Piece Unique decided to focus exclusively on the classified market, and eliminate the other facets of their Web site. EPage now services many specialty Web sites with customized co-branded classified solutions. In March 2000 EPage helped Area Web Central launch a major Web portal, and created the classifieds for White Directory Publishing's newest local portal, BuffaloTalks.

In 2000, EPage became the provider of classified ad services for the Web portals of Telus, a multi-billion dollar Canadian telecommunications company. Three portals have been established for British Columbia, Alberta, and Toronto, each with their own custom look and regionally relevant content. EPage also converted classified ads from partnering local newspaper groups for online display.

In October 2004 EPage.com beccame the base site for the then ten year old EPage classifieds.

Top3.com (October 1996)

In 1995, the owners of EPage saw that many people were placing ads for the same product, where the only difference between the ads was the price and location of the advertiser. EPage created Top3 at http://top3.com to make it easy for sellers to list their name brand merchandise, and for buyers to find the Top3 best prices for those products - whether sold new, in a classified ad, or through an auction.

AuctionPage.com (May 1997)

Early in its history, EPage appreciated that its technology could be adapted to other related services. EPage began offering auctions in addition to classifieds in 1995. AuctionPage (http://auctionpage.com) was spun off soon after to offer auctions exclusively. Through its Auction Service Provider (ASP) program, AuctionPage offers all of the same ease-of-use and customization features of the EPage CSP program. AuctionPage is also a charter provider on the Area Web Central portal.

AdConnect.com (August 1998, re-launched February 2003)

AdConnect was created to affordable allow anyone to offer a full service classifieds or auction site to their users. Because AdConnect hosts the service, you do not have to worry about platform compatibility, merchant accounts, customer support, training, server uptime, bandwidth costs, or the time to set up and fiddle with a software package. Your time is free to do what is really important, promote your own Web site and make money.

AdJungle.com (April 1999, re-launched March 2004)

AdJungle grew out of our own frustration at managing banners on sites we have operated since 1994. Attracting paid advertisers who made it worth the time to actually make the insertion with a large enough order took too much time, so we often left the default banners up and sent away advertisers who wanted to pay smaller amounts of money.

AdJungle solves all this. Sites can set up default banners for when there is not a directed buy, and AdJungle will also have default advertising to fill in the earnings gap. Advertisers will be able to visit your site and make directed buys on your pages that can run without your intervention - optionally, you can manually approve all advertising campaigns.

BetterIf.com (March 2005)

BetterIf.com is a fun site where anyone can make the statement that "XYZ would be better if..." and others can judge and comment on it. Do you ever watch a basketball game and think that some rule is missing or in the way? Do you watch a reality TV show and think that they could have made it so much better by changing the way contestans are voted out? BetterIf.com lets you tell the world, and it lets the world tell you if you have a great idea or not!


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