1956 Ford Thunderbird in Colton, OR
Posted:March 07, 2018
Owner:sellernetworks   Contact
From:Colton, Oregon

1956 Ford Thunderbird This beautiful 1956 Raven Black Ford Thunderbird has been my work in progress project for 12 years now. I have taken great care and expense to replace EVERYTHING back to the original 1956 Ford T-Bird parts. Every single part...including nuts and bolts have been carefully restored to original parts. ALL new engine parts having to do with changing over to the new alternator from generator system. Including All new motor New exhaust system New heating and cooling system New fuel system New Brake system New front & rear suspension New wiring harness under dash & hood New upholstered seat covers New drop cloth behind the seat New trunk cloth New convertible hard top EVERYTHING having to do with each system is all new. EVERYTHING is back to original 1956 Ford T-Bird parts. All instruments on the dash work except the radio. I also have the original radio!This classic T-Bird has serious style with bullet-nosed grill wraparound chrome Stock Number: C176203L