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December 4, 2020

About EPage


EPage®, one of the first "dot com" companies in the world, was founded in 1994 as an "Internet only" business dedicated to providing the best classified and auction services to its customers. The goal was to bring affordable advertising services to consumers and businesses by leveraging the power of the Internet. EPage created one of the first 1,500 commercial Web sites, and the first dynamic classified advertising service on the Web at EP.com in 1994. EPage operates one of the oldest affiliate programs on the Web, and has been very successful with it from the beginning. With the help of its affiliate programs, the EPage Network has now grown to over 850,000 monthly visitors and has displayed over 3 billion classified advertisements.

The free EPage Affiliate program is our premier service where we provide branded classified and auction services for other Web sites. With over 28,000 members, including reqional portals, specialty sites, and ISPs, you probably have already visited our classifieds (perhaps without being aware it was us!). EPage Network Classifieds is the solution of choice for sites ranging from small niche sites, to television stations, to newspapers, to large portals.

In 1998, EPage foresaw the burgeoning growth area for vertical portals and began adopting its technology for this market. Piece Unique, a site dedicated to high fashion designer garments and accessories was the first customer for a fully customized classified advertising service. The custom classifieds were so successful that Piece Unique decided to focus exclusively on the classified market, and eliminate the other facets of their Web site. EPage now services many specialty Web sites with customized co-branded classified solutions. In March 2000 EPage helped Area Web Central launch a major Web portal, and has continued servicing these sites as well a many others.

Since the original site was started in 1994, EPage has begun operations of several other sites dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers, including AuctionPage.com , EPage.com, Top3.com , and most recently AdConnect.com where you can get a fully customized and branded classifieds site with all the functionality of this site for less than a dollar a day.

To find out more about the company, partnership possibilities, or just to ask a question, write to waller@epage.com.

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