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November 26, 2020

Why should I join the affiliate program?

  • It's free.
  • Earn up to 20% on fees paid through your site.
  • Get paid 50% matching funds for Affiliates you refer.
  • Monthly commission checks ($20 minimum)
  • EPage Classifieds does all the work for no charge
    • We host your co-branded classifieds
      We manage the ads
      We send the emails
      We handle the billing
      We help you make money!
  • Ads will be accessible to hundreds of thousands of EPage Classifieds and AdConnect network site readers.
  • Increased return traffic to your website.
  • Have a full site up and running in less than five minutes.

Webmasters can earn money from their classifieds while adding a resource that will improve their site. Visitors will have more reason to browse your site with the addition of classifieds and they will come back to read them. The dynamic classifieds is constantly changing, so users return day after day to read new ads or place some themselves.

The Network Advantage

Our top affiliates earn hundreds of dollars a month, and over two thousand affiliates earn money through AdConnect every month. We're writing record numbers of checks due to these AdConnect earnings. Why not earn some of it yourself?

The biggest advantage this solution brings to you is the power of the AdConnect network. All affiliate sites are part of the network, sharing content both into and out of your site. This means that you can have thousands of classified ads on your site from day one, and your users will be able to have their ad seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors who have never even heard of your site. Instead of going live with zero ads when you use a purchased software system and then hoping that your users will take the gamble posting the first few ads, you can show them that you already have a robust classified ad site that they can be confident in using.

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