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January 24, 2021

How many people will you send to my Web site?


This program is not designed to drive traffic to other web sites. Users will be sent to your classifieds site from links in emails and other ads, but this traffic will not be huge and it will not be sent to your main Web site. This is a small benefit of the Network, but don't sign up expecting us to promote your site or start sending you lots of users.

The only time we would promote your site would be: 1) you create a site that sets a good example of what to do; 2) if you send us a testimonial that we use; 3) or if we just want to show off your site. We do have a section where we list and link to every affiliate site, and we have a section on our home page that we use to promotte the program that will link to some of the top sites. But these sites already have thousands of visitors coming to them.

This is not an advertising program for your site, and we are not placing an ad for you. This will create a classified ad website for you to send your existing visitors to. This may help your link popularity, as we are a well established site and the affiliate site will link back to the URL you specify when you set up your site. But do not sign up and then wait for traffic to roll into your site.

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