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November 26, 2020

How does lifetime commission work?


We found that some advertisers would start out from a affiliate member site, but take out secondary ads directly from EPage Classifieds. This deprives affiliates of potential earnings. We feel that once an affiliate brings a user to EPage Classifieds, that affiliate deserves to earn credit from the advertiser, no matter what. You will receive 10% commission from the money EPage earns off of ANY user you refer, for life.

Your referral code will be linked to that user, allowing us to track your credits from them wherever they may place ads. Renewals and other ads placed by the users you refer will earn you money, even if they place an ad into a different site in the EPage Classifieds Network (even years later), you still earn 10%.

You will continue to receive commissions for as long as you remain active. All you have to do to maintain your active status is to continue to send new referrals or visit your account page. If you do not send any users or you do not visit your account page in a six month period, your account will be declared inactive. You can reactivate your account at any time by visiting your account page. Inactive accounts will be assessed a $5 per month maintenance fee and if an account balance goes below zero the account will be deactivated completeley.

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