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January 15, 2021

How do I customize my co-branded sites colors?


Colors, fonts, and styles

EPage Network Classifieds uses "CSS" technology to control the colors and fonts of your Affiliate site. You don't have to understand the technology at all, luckily.  We have created a page for you (accessible from the Affiliate manager page) where you can set the fonts and colors for your site.

We do not check the colors you choose; please try and be sensible.  Don't try and use every color (usually pick a color or two and stick with those).

You can use the color "names" or the "Hex Codes", whichever you know, or you can use the simple pop-up color selector by clicking on the "pick" link next to every option.

We show you one example of the look for some of the site that will change in real time with your selections so you can see what it might look like, but you really need to check out your site to make sure it looks like you wanted it to!

Header, background, footer and logo
(Premium sites only)

It is possible to control the header and footer for your site.  This can include your own navigation bars, logos, background image, javascript code, stylesheets, etc.  Premium sites are offered by AdConnect, our partner in technology.

Two good examples of how this can work are BusinessOwnersIdeaCafe.com and AllNewspapers.com

Please contact waller@adconnect.com to inquire about this program.

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