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January 15, 2021

How do I get more visitors to my co-branded site?


Look at Your Site From the Users Perspective

Why are they there? What makes sense for them to see and to visit?  How do you link the classifieds.  A simple text link can work, as long as this fits in with the rest of your navigation.  You want to integrate the classifieds link so that is appears to be part of your site.  I like  to tell people that we add content to their web site.  See if you can use this idea when you set up your whole site.

Keep it Simple

Don't distract your visitors with too many options.  Make your site clear and simple to understand and navigate. A site map with links to all the sections can be a great way to let users look around, but don't make this your first page.  Think of the first page that visitors see as your only chance to keep them.  Don't just give them a "headline", tell them why your site is different, or why they should stay and look around.  "EPage Network Classifieds" does not tell a visitor to stay, but "Classifieds and Auctions: Best on the Web!" along with "The Worlds Largest Auction and Classified Network" tells them that this might be worth checking out.

Have Fun

Try not to get stressed out about things you cannot control, and do something about that which you can control.

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