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January 15, 2021

Can you recommend links related to affiliate programs?


Below are Affiliate Programs and Web Sites that we can recommend

eHealthInsurance.com: I met the guys in charge of their program at the AffiliateFORCE cruise last year, and they really have a great program. They know what they are doing, and have a product that everyone needs.

There are lots of places to learn about making money on the Internet. I subscribe to many newsletters, but I have some favorites.

Ken Evoy is an author and entrepreneur who's SiteSell company offers "best-on-the-Net e-commerce books at the best price" and Web-based software tools for businesses. These products have the highest profile on the Net among companies selling "how to" information and are considered to be the top products by the most influential Internet business personalities. He has an Affiliate Program too.

Rob Frankel is the best branding expert on the planet! He has a great book, Revenge of Brand X (How to Build a Big Time Brand on or off the Web); runs the free FrankelBiz email list where you can get great discounts, help, and business from other members; FrankelTips where he will answer your branding questions; and now I-Legions, where you can hire him to bring revenue-generating Branded Community programs to businesses like yours. Tell Rob I sent you!

AffiliateForce has created a great set of resources for Affiliates. They are the same people who have created the best Affiliate Marketing Summit I have seen for the last four years (AffiliateForce/2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003).

Cory Rudl is one of the original Internet Marketing experts. His Affiliate Program is one of the top payouts you will find, with commissions from $35 to $200, depending on the product. His "Car Secrets Revealed" book is one of the first pay for sale programs that I ever saw, but he has many great programs such as an AssocTrac (affiliate program software), Mailloop (power emailing software), and his Insider Secrets Course.

Neil Shearing has developed a Spider for identifying potential affiliates. It will show you how to find super affiliates and make them sell your product. This revolutionary software locates super affiliates of any site you choose. It runs in your web-browser so it doesn't matter if you have a PC or Mac - this software just uses webpages. There's no downloading, editing, uploading, installing, setting permissions, and all the other nightmares. You just access a webpage and the Spider is ready to go!

I found the "Yahoo Exposed" to be simply stunning. It shows you EXACTLY how to get to the top of Yahoo in just 14 days! Plus, it has the best digital guarantee ever! Click here for more information!

Tim Storm is a "Super Affiliate" whose FatWallet site earns him a very comfortable income. If there is a coupon or discount to be had, you will find it there. Before you buy anything, check out FatWallet or FatCash where you can earn a few percent on anything you buy.

If you need your own site, there are many good hosts who can get you up and running for $20 a month. One that I have used for small sites is WebWizards that has a no set-up fee $20 a month service. You can also register your new domain through them.

CellPhoneShop.net has great accessories for your mobile needs. Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson batteries are as low as $9.99, and they have cases, faceplates, car kits, belt clips, and more, all at steep discounts.

Do you know how popular your site really is? Marketleap has a free Link Popularity Analysis tool that allows you to check the incoming links to your site, as well as three others (like maybe your competition!).

Do people remember you and your key messages? The best messages are the ones that are remembered easily. After all, if people can't find your message or remember it, then all is lost. Unfortunately, many would-be marketers don't adhere to this simple truism. They simply don't get the point across. Whatever the name, the purpose is to create a short message that people will remember whenever they think about your product. Read how Dan Janal has solved this problem with his Fool Proof Positioning Statement.

The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a survey of Web Server software usage on Internet connected computers. They collect and collate as many hostnames providing an http service as they can find, and systematically poll each one with an HTTP request for the server name.

When you set up your Customization, we use color names that you might not recognize. HTML Goodies has a page with all 140 colors, names, and Hex codes. They also have some other great tutorials, and even advanced information.

Alexa is a really great toolbar that you can install into the Explorer browser. I use this to get a little extr a intelligence on web sites that I visit. With the Alexa toolbar, you can get vital web site information including traffic rankings, contact information and site statistics & ratings.

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