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January 21, 2021

How can I make more money?


First of all you should know that you will not get rich quickly with this program. In fact, we're not aware of any affiliate program or MLM that you can just sign up for and start raking in money right away. Any program will take work to make it pay off. Some have higher rewards than others, and we're letting you know right here that even our best affiliates are earnings a few hundred dollars a month.

So, how can you go from nothing to a regular check, or add a few hundred dollars a month to your earnings? There is no magic formula, but here are the basics.

  • You need a way to send lots of new users to the classifieds. This can be from your own site, paid placement, pay per click search, optimizing pages for free search, promoting to your in-house list, promoting to mailing lists, placements in e-zines and a whole lot more. The list really is endless.

  • Co-Branded sites need visitors to your own site before anything can happen. There are too many things to learn here that is beyond the scope of this simple FAQ. We have provided a few other FAQ answers to cover this and send you to a few places that will help you increase your site's overall traffic

  • Gold memberships are another feature you can promote to your users. Gold memberships cost $25 per year, so you earn $2.50 per member. Just eight Gold members and you get a check!

  • Network ads cost the user $1 per week, yet they can really give the advertiser the biggest bang for their advertising buck. You earn a share of the fees that are paid into the network, based on relative activity of your site compared to all the others in the network. So while you will not see a one to one increase in earnings from selling your users on Network ads, it will help. Imagine if every affiliate site just sold one additional network ad per month. This would add tens of thousands of dollars to the network pool!

  • Finally, you need to pre-sell your users on the benefits of the classifieds, and more specifically the optional display features. All ad features are designed to either increase the visibility of an ad or to increase the number of displays an ad will get. Better visibility will improve the click rate of an ad, meaning that a higher percentage of people who view the page will decide to click on the ad to read more. If an ad is displayed to more visitors, then it will have that many more opportunities to be seen. Combining visibility and display features can dramatically increase the response rate to an ad. We have seen some ads get tens of thousands of displays and hundreds of responses a month when positioned well.

Remember, Ad fees come from:

  • Feature Ad Paid Display Option ($3.49/week and up)
  • Home Page Feature Paid Display Option ($9.95/week)
  • Color Background Paid Display Option ($2.49/week and up)
  • Leading Icon Paid Display Option ($0.49/week and up)
  • All Region Paid Display Option ($2.49/week and up)
  • Thumbnail Paid Display Option ($0.49/week and up)
  • Site Link Paid Display Option ($3.49/week and up)
  • Gold Member Paid Membership Option ($25 per year)

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