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January 15, 2021

What other sites should I visit?


Marketing Sites to Check Out

Corey Rudl may be a name you recognize, and maybe not. He has been one of the more visible Net marketeers, and he created a full marketing program that he sells through an affiliate program. Corey died way too young in a car accident, but his legacy lives on at the Internet Marketing Center site where they still sell and support his products. I have heard lots of great things about his programs, you can make the choice about buying his materials or joining his program yourself.

Jim and Audri Lanford run NETrageous, a site dedicated to helping you become successful on the Internet. There are some great articles on press releases, publicity, and marketing resources.

Jim Wilson created a number of wonderful resources, and and he put together a great site at VirtualPromote chock full of information and links that all of you will bookmark. He has information on resources, search engines, marketing and more. Jim died recently, but the site is still maintained and is being run by the same staff as before.

Dr. Ralph Wilson (unrelated to Jim) has a newletter called Web Marketing Today that I really like, and he has some great resources on his site. He also produced a great article: Web Marketing Checklist: 31 Ways to Promote Your Site.

Ken Evoy has created a whole series of programs, including Make Your Site Sell, Make Your Price Sell, Make Your Net Auction Sell, Make Your Knowledge Sell (getting the idea of his theme). He can teach you how to pre-sell a product or idea as well, which is great in getting conversions and sales. He now has a Free trial of his Site Sell product.

Rob Frankel is the best branding expert on the planet! He has a great book, Revenge of Brand X (How to Build a Big Time Brand on or off the Web); runs the free FrankelBiz email list where you can get great discounts, help, and business from other members; FrankelTips where he will answer your branding questions; and now I-Legions, where you can hire him to bring revenue-generating Branded Community programs to businesses like yours. Tell Rob I sent you!

I-HelpDesk and WebReview - the Internet's HelpDesk If you're doing business online - When none of your other marketing and discussion groups can answer your questions, a HelpMate can. No need to recreate the wheel, either. Just search our database for resources, referrals, and reliable professionals. There's over 6 years worth of great data. Free. http://ihelpmate.com

Eva Rosenberg, AKA TaxMama is the Internet's foremost tax expert when it comes to affiliate earnings. Once you start making money, you better know how to handle it and report it. You really don't want to get on the bad side of Unlce Sam. Of course, if you do, you will really need to talk to her! Check out the TaxMama Web site for a ton of information and access to tax help. She also has a great ebook out. TaxMama's Secrets: How to Start 10 Online Businesses Without One Thin Dime is finally available! Get tried-and-true advice from one of the Internet's most trusted marketers. Click here for information and inspiration.

knBrowse and kwMap are both cool tools You can see what keywords are related to each other at kwMap.com. For example, here are the results for classifieds. KwBrowse.com is a complex keyword refining tool, aiming to help you discover new keywords based on your own site. It is a fact that search engines can only help you in finding something if you know the right keywords. KwBrowse.com - browse the Keyword Map of epage.com

There are lots of other great sites out there. Do some reading, have some fun, and good luck.

If you have other suggestions that have worked well for you, please write to waller@epage.com.

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