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January 15, 2021

How do I know how I'm doing?


We send you an email every Sunday with a short message from the Affiliate Manager and with statistics about your performance. Below the text is a report for your affiliate site - or each of them for those of you who have set up a few that will look like this:

Example Affiliate Statistics

CSP Number: At the top is your affiliate site (or CSP) number. This is different from your ID number. Since one ID can have more than one affiliate site, you will be able to have a few site numbers. When you contact is, remember that you have both an ID number and an affiliate site number.

Title: This is the name of your site that you entered when you set up your site. This is also the exact same wording used when communicating with your customers. If they create an ID, post and ad, or do anything else that will send them an email, it will use this site name to remind them where they were. Make sure you choose this name carefully - but you can edit this any time from the manager page.

URL: This is the URL where you affiliate site is hosted. You can submit this URL to search engines, and you can use this as the link URL from your own pages as well to make sure that search engines will follow the links.

Credit: This is the amount of money you have earned for the month to date.

Graph: This graph shows you the number of page views your affiliate site has had each day of the month. You can hover over the column to see the exact number for any given day.

Page Views: This is the sum total of page views for the month to date.

Peak: This is the top page view number for any single day this month.

Average: This is the average number of page views your affiliate site has had so far for the month.

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