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Basics : Gold Membership FAQ

What is Gold Membership?
Gold Membership provides a number of benefits when placing and reading ads. For example, Gold Members can use HTML in their ads, they see ads from all EPage network sites, and they get display and action statistics on all their ads.
How do I become a Gold Member?
When you create an account on the EPage service, you become a Standard Member. You can upgrade your status to Gold Member from your account page.
How much does Gold Membership cost?
Gold Membership is just $25 and is good for an entire year. Its benefits apply to all uses of our services for the entire duration.
I'm a Gold Member, do I still have to pay for commercial ads?
Yes. Gold Membership provides many benefits for your ads, but the EPage fee structure does not change.
What benefits do I get as a Gold Member?
There are many benefits, such as greatly increased exposure for your ads, information about your ad's performance, and enhanced features for your ads. For a complete list, see the Gold Member help page.
I'm an EPage affiliate, will becoming a Gold Member help my CSP site?
No, Gold Membership only affects your use of the service, such as browsing and placing ads. It does not enhance your CSP site in any way.
How do I renew my Gold Membership?
A week before your Gold Membership expires, you will receive an email notice and an amount ($25) will be placed on your account. Just make a payment for that amount and your Gold Membership status will be renewed for another year.
I do not wish to renew my Gold Membership status, what do I do?
Once your Gold Membership is up for renewal, you can cancel the renewal from your account page under the Account tab.


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