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Basics: Placing an Ad

To place an ad, click on any Post link and follow the directions. In most cases there will be a Post button toward the top of the page. When placing an ad, you will perform the following steps. There may be a lot of text below, but don't worry, it's really quite easy.

  1. Choose a category for the ad. All ads must reside in a specific category.
  2. Select a type for your ad. In most cases both private-party and commercial ad types are available, and in some categories you can post auctions (both standard and countdown auctions are supported).
  3. If you have not already logged in, you will log in now. If you do not yet have an ID, then you can create one at this time.
  4. Enter your ad contents. The ad contains the following parts:
    • Location: This is where the ad will be placed when viewing ads by region or location. It will be prefilled with the location of your ID, but you can change it if necessary. The "area code" field is only used for US and Canada locations, and can be "0" for other countries.
    • Content:
      • Reply Address: The reply address is where we will forward messages from readers. It defaults to your ID's email address, but you can change it.
      • Price: For classified ads you can set a price value, if it's appropriate. This will be shown in the ad listings and the ad's More Info page. For auctions there are a few price fields (like opening and reserve for standard auctions), a quantity (if you are selling more than one of an item and not as a group), a duration (from 4 to 14 days), and the option to autorenew the ad if there are no bids.
      • Ad Text: You will fill in the ad's text in the "Label", "Buyline", and "More Info" sections. The Label is a short (one to a few words) indentification of the topic of your ad (i.e. 1989 Mustang GT). It will also serve as the link that users can click on to read more about your ad. The Buyline is a longer text description that will appear right after the Label and should provide enough information to entice a reader to click on your ad. The More Info section can be as long as you want and will be displayed on the page readers go to when they click on the ad's Label. Note, if you choose the optional Site Link feature for your ad, you do not need to fill in More Info text, since a reader who clicks on the ad's Label will go to the location (URL) of your choice.
    • Display Features: There are several optional display features you can choose for your ad. Each has a price listed next to the feature, and you may choose any number of features for your ad. See help on ad display features for more information.
    • Duration: For classified ads you can choose from one to three months. Auction durations are set in the Content section as described above.
    • Audio: If you want to record audio for the ad, check the Audio Enhance box. After the ad is submitted, you can record audio from your Account page. You will need a microphone on your computer. At this time the audio feature is only available for Microsoft Windows.
    • Newsgroups: Some categories match up well with Usenet newsgroups. We provide those categories with the option to have their ads posted to the appropriate newsgroups. Note that each newsgroup has a policy on appropriate content, so there is no assurance your ad will be posted there.
  5. Submit your ad by clicking on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
  6. You will arrive on your Account page after submitting the ad. If there is no amount due for your ad, then your ad is active and being displayed to visitors. If there is an amount due for the ad, you can make a credit card payment from your Account page through our secure server. There are also instructions under the Account tab for making a payment by check.


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