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Seller Guide: How can I show my classifieds on my own website?

You can easily include your classifieds on your own website. Simply place this code on your website where you want the ads to be shown, but replace the two instances of "00000000" with your own epage.com ID number. If you do not know your ID number, simply look on your account page at http://epage.com/js/account

<script SRC="http://epage.com/js/ads?id=00000000" 
</script><noscript><b><a href=http://epage.com/js/about/00000000>See 
          my epage.com ads</a></b></noscript>


Here is what it might look like on your web page (of course your ads would be displayed, not the ones shown here):

Customize the look:

For users that want to change the way the ads look on their website you can add this code on your webpage BEFORE the above code. You can experiment with the display by changing any of the values. To return to the default value you can comment out the line with two forward slashes (example: //var ep_ads_width.....)

<script Language=javascript>
var ep_max_ads = 5;
var ep_ads_width = "450px";
var ep_ads_show_title = "yes";
var ep_ads_show_price = "yes";
var ep_ads_show_bids = "no";
var ep_ads_show_date = "yes";
var ep_ads_font_color = "black";
var ep_ads_font_family = "Verdana";
var ep_ads_font_size = "10px";
var ep_ads_link_color = "blue";
var ep_ads_border_color = "black";
var ep_ads_border_size = "1px";
var ep_ads_title_row_background = "darkblue";
var ep_ads_title_row_font_color = "#EEEEEE";
var ep_ads_title_row_font_size = "14px";
var ep_ads_odd_row_background = "#EEEEEE";
var ep_ads_even_row_background = "white";

If you have any questions on how to customize your page write to epage1@epage.com. If you have already attempted to insert the code into your page send the URL in your email so we can have a look.


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