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Basics: How much will the ad cost?

Basic (no display features) private-party ads are free to post and to renew.

Commercial classifieds (those ads of a commercial nature) have a base fee that varies by category, but in most cases is around $12 per month.

Auctions are free to post, but if there is a winning bidder with a bid amount of $10 (or more) there is a charge of 50 cents plus 2% of the final selling price (less than other major auction sites).

Optional ad display features, such as a color background or leading icon, have monthly fees that range from a few dollars to about $90, depending on the feature and the category.

All prices are displayed during the ad posting process. Most Web browsers will also display a total amount due on the ad contents entry page (where you can choose display features), toward the bottom of the page. Any amount due will also be displayed on your Account page after submitting the ad. You can make a payment for ad fees from your account page.


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