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Basics: Difference between Local and Network ads

EPage® runs classified ad and auction services for over 28,000 affiliated Web sites comprising the EPage Network. Many of these sites are quite large and have a good number of visitors. Ads placed on the EPage service are treated as either "local" or "network" depending on the options a user chooses when they post their ad. EPage uses the AdConnect.com service to distribute network ads to affiliated sites. In association with AdConnect, EPage users can have their ads posted to the network for 50 cents per week..

An EPage affiliate site can support categories that are created by the site owner (custom categories), or pre-defined categories (shared categories) that are supplied by EPage, or a combination of both. Custom categories are only displayed on the affiliate's site. Most affiliate sites have chosen to display some or all of the EPage shared categories. For sites with custom categories, EPage has done its best to "map" those categories to its shared categories. When a custom category has been mapped, network ads posted in the custom category are also displayed in the shared category it is mapped to. Some affiliate sites have opted to not have their categories mapped, and therefore all of their content is private to their site.

Local ads are only displayed on the affiliated site from which they were placed, even if they are placed in a shared category or a mapped custom category. Network ads will be shown on all AdConnect member sites displaying the shared category that the ad was either posted in, or mapped to.

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