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Affiliate Programs: Creating an Affiliate site

List of steps

  1. Sign up
  2. Click on "Add a new Affiliate Site"
  3. Click Continue for a Free Basic site
  4. Choose a name for your site, return URL link, and text for the link
  5. Link up from your Web site to your new affiliate site on our server.

You are done! You may further customize the site, or just start using it as is.

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Shared Categories

You can show any of our categories. You start out with the full set of 10 major categories, with each having a set of categories beneath.

You can remove any shared categories by clicking the "Categories" button from the main site page. You will get all categories underneath the level of the one you choose, so you only need to choose the highest level categories that make sense for you, not every category in the tree. most affiliates either choose to use our categories as a complete set, some remove one or two major categories to suit their audience, and the rest only want to use a few of the categories and follow the next step.

Choosing Specific Categories

If you have a niche site oriented towards a very specific topic or audience, you can choose a few low level categories that fit your site, and you can also choose higher level, more generic categories. We leave that up to you. EPage Network Classifieds has created hundreds of categories that you can use. If you choose any of these categories you will not only get our category definition, but all the ads that are posted to these categories.  This will give your readers immediate content.

Most importantly, ads posted by your readers (to your affiliate site) will be viewable by other affiliate's sites that share these categories, as well as viewable on EPage.


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