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Unrivaled Experience

EPage Classifieds is the World leader in Web based classified ad solutions. Operating online since 1994, and offering free hosted classified ad sites since 1996, there is no other solution with more experience. With more than 30,000 hosted classified ad sites, EPage is the most popular classified ad solution on the planet. As an affiliate, you get the benefit of all their experience and technology with your free site.


Our affiliate program allows any webmaster to instantly create a customized and co-branded classified site with the categories of their choice. Sites receive a share of all revenue received through their unique site.

We have partnered with AdConnect for even greater exposure for your advertisers and more content for your classified ad site. Every ad can be placed into the AdConnect network for just 50 cents per week. AdConnect will share this placement fee, along with other fees from ad features amongst all sites showing AdConnect ads, so you can earn money even before you have a user place a paid ad!

The Network Advantage

The biggest advantage this solution brings to you is the power of the AdConnect network. All affiliate sites are part of the network, sharing content both into and out of your site. This means that you can have thousands of classified ads on your site from day one, and your users will be able to have their ad seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors who have never even heard of your site. Instead of going live with zero ads when you use a purchased software system and then hoping that your users will take the gamble posting the first few ads, you can show them that you already have a robust classified ad site that they can be confident in using.

No Site Too Small, No Site Too Large

Our affiliate program is the solution of choice for sites ranging from small niche sites, to television stations, to newspapers, to large portals.

Still have Questions?

If you still have some questions, or want a highly customized solution, please email Brad Waller.


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