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Choose from three simple options offering unrivaled features. Because we host the service, you do not have to worry about platform capatibility, merchant accounts, customer support, server uptime, bandwidth costs, or the time to set up and fiddle with a software package. Most sites can be up and running in as little as five minutes. Your time is free to do what is really important, promote your site - and cash your monthly commission check ($20 minimum). Read below to see which solution best fits your needs.

Basic Site --> Start here for Classifieds        Start Here for Auctions

  • No start-up fee
  • No maintenance fee
  • Site is online immediately
  • Unlimited number of ads
  • Choice of categories to display
  • Customize the color and fonts
  • Thousands of network ads from day one
  • Inventory is shared in the EPage Network
  • Basic site statistics
  • 10% share on gross revenue
  • 10% residual from users you refer
  • $149 for the first year, $49 per year after that
  • All the Basic features plus:
  • Custom categories
  • Co-branding through online template submission
  • Eliminate banners option
  • Advanced site statistics
  • 20% revenue share
  • 10% residual from users you refer

Enterprise Site --> email Brad Waller

  • $1499 for the first year, $499 per year after that
  • All the Premium features plus:
  • URL Branding
  • 5 Hours tech support
  • Custom templates for co- or full-branding
  • Eliminate navigation bar, return bar, footer option
  • Private site content option
  • Send email to your users
  • Flexible revenue share
  • 10% residual from users you refer


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