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Affiliate Programs: CSP Tips

Get Listed On Search Engines

One of the simplest things you can do to increase readers is to make sure your page is listed on major search engines.  List the URL of your home page (the one with the links to your Affiliate site on it)  The search engines will typically follow links down into your Affiliate site and list those pages as well.  Make sure your follow the rules of the search engine, and do not abuse the priviledges or no pages will get listed!

The list of good search engines is always changing, with one buying another or going away. I try to keep this current, but this is not the top priority here so some links may be out of date. Here are some links to add your site to some good Search Engines (in no particular order):

  • Google - Free, submit ONLY your top or site map page and they will crawl your site
  • AltaVista - Free, or fee for express submit and other options
  • Lycos - Was free, now seems to be paid placement and paid inclusion
  • MSN Search "Web Pages" results (Free)
  • LookSmart Used by MSN, AltaVista, and many others (cost: $149-$299?)
  • Teoma - Now owned by Ask Jeeves (cost: $30 for the first site, $18/site after that)
  • AllTheWeb - Free, submit just one page. Also known as FAST Search
  • Here is another place that is usually up to date on this subject.

Directories are much like search engines, and also great places to be listed:

Pay Per Click is where you bid to have your links above others. You decide how much the traffic is worth and make your bids. Just be sure you do not overpay!

  • Overture (was GoTo) is the GrandDaddy of them all
  • FindWhat is another good choice
  • Allan Gardyne's PayPerClickSearchEngines has all the information you will ever need on this subject. This is where I go when I need information on a PPC search engine.

Optimizing your site for the search engines can be a full time job,and if you want to learn all about it from the best, see these sites:

I found the "Yahoo Exposed" to be simply stunning. It shows you EXACTLY how to get to the top of Yahoo in just 14 days! Plus, it has the best digital guarantee ever! Click here for more information!

Email, but don't Spam!

Sending email is a great tool, but don't send yo anyone that you don't already have a business relationship with if you are sending a "bulk" type of letter. If you send a cold email to a prospect, make sure you personalize the email and let them know that you really saw their site and tell them exactly how you will work with them.

If you want to check your email to see if it will trigger a Spam filter, check out this really great Spam Checking tool. You can send an email to a special address and it will come back with a great report telling you how "spammy" it is based on various criteria. The best thing is that it tells you where the problems are instead of just giving you a pass/fail grade.

If you have other suggestions that have worked well for you, please write to waller@epage.com.


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