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Buyers Guide: How much to Bid

You should bid the maximum you are willing to pay for the item.

EPage will conduct the auction on your behalf, giving you the lowest possible winning bid, but never exceeding the maximum bid amount.  Here is an example:

  1. Item starts at $10, and you bid $20 (the maximum you want to pay). You will be the winning bidder at $10, the lowest possible winning bid.
  2. Someone else reads the auction and chooses a maximum of $15. Your bid will be increased to $15.50, the lowest possible winning bid.
  3. This will continue until the auction ends, or your maximum is reached.

You will have a chance to increase your bid if you are beat out, but only while the auction is running.  If someone bids at the very last moment and beats your bid, you will not have a chance to increase your bid. That is why it is important to bid the most you will pay from the start.


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