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Seller Guide: What optional display features can I use?

There are several features you can choose to enhance your ad.  Virtually all of these features improve the readership of ads. However, because the content of your ad has a lot to do with reader interest no results can be guaranteed.

The price of the feature often varies by category, so rates cannot reasonably be shown here.  When you post the ad you will see the current features/rates available for that category.

Feature Ads

Feature ads appear at the all important "top of page" position when a reader browses a particular subject. They can be read 10 times as often as non feature ads, although your readership may vary.  Certainly they are displayed to the reader more often since they occupy the top portion of the page.


Icon Ads

An "icon" can be chosen to preceed the "label buyline" combination on the ad.  Some examples follow.  The icon serves to attract attention to the ad, and get readers to read it (as opposed to non-icon ads).

Hilite Ads

A background color can be chosen to highlight your ad.




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