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March 21, 2019
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Mar 8, 2019
Los Angeles, California (Southern)

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(VERIFIED SCAM) "Jungleworks scam" 206-455-8115 scam# #JungleworksScam "Samar Singla" aka "Singular Scammer&q


"Jungleworks scam" "JungleWorks.com scam""#JungleworksScam"

206-455-8115 scam
Scam 206-455-8115

This company is run by a bunch of fcuking retarded morons you call this number it sounds like a business until you get transferred to a human and then it feels your calling someone or bothering someone at their home once you do get to one of these "Geniuses" asking them to spell their name will be very hard. Case in point I spoke to some idiot lady named machine or something like that she could not figure out how to spell her own name.

Yesterday actually two days ago I spoke to some idiot name Adi. In response to a message I sent to jungleworks online about an idea I have for verification in the Cannabis industry I shared my deal with this idiot or maybe I'm the idiot for sharing with him.

I'm very into Logistics and being on point in doing what I say. This ADI character obviously is not a person of his word does not care what he says to people & lies and is a scam.

Two days ago this moron told me he was going to call me tomorrow during the day well that did not happen that turned out to be a lie when it was now night time. I reached out to this idiot no response.

I saved a bunch of screenshots to help substantiate this the person basically said they're going to call me tomorrow then when tomorrow happened they never did that funny thing is that they later after tomorrow which was yesterday the guy was still acting like he was going to call me yesterday when it was no longer yesterday it's now today.

Jungle Works = Tookan, Yelo, Fugu, Flightmap, Kato and Bulbul.

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"is jungleworks a scam"
"is jungleworks a scam?"

"Cannabis Suite"
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"Jungle works scam"
"Junglework scam"
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"Scam Jungle Work"

Click Labs Private Limited
Samar Singla
Plot No 5, CDCL Building,Sector 28B


Business on the Move
We are the market leaders in delivering mobility solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises

The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and fake selling websites.

Registered contact email address is a free one
Technical contact email address is a free one.

Administrative contact email address is a free one
This website has not had any feedback on other sites.

This website may be related to a number of high risk sites
This website is 1 Years old
The website expected life (365 days) is relatively short.

This website's setup involves 2 countries.

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