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June 20, 2018
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Feb 10, 2018
Amarillo, Texas

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Internet Advertising

How Do I Promote My Website

How Do I Promote My Website

The age old question that most people who try to make earn revenue from the world wide web, face. How Do I Promote My Website is perhaps the most asked question of the Google search engine, and will contain the vaguest of answers for the searcher as well. The reason that I am saying this is not from statistical analytical view of online activities, it is rather from first hand knowledge that dates back to the very early 2004 era in the beginning of my online career. I will share a true story that will tell the answer to the riddle of How Do I Promote My Website even better.

My Career on Ebay

As I have stated many times before, until the very early part of 2004, I had never sat in front of a computer. I had worked on them in electronics school; however, understanding how they work, and not working on the computer itself, was two entirely different things. I found Ebay, on the very first Gateway Computer that I had purchased. I figured that Ebay looked interested and I began a career on Ebay selling stuff. Eventually after several months, I received the distinction of becoming an Ebay Power Seller. I was proud of this award, and was forever hooked on this thing called selling stuff online.

I began to peruse around the Internet, looking at stuff on Google, Yahoo, MSN (back in those days), and other search engine looking for stuff to do, sell and how to make money online. Needless to say, my journey there led to many dollars spent, with very little return received. I am sure that you can understand exactly what I am talking about here. In my Internet search, I did find an interesting information rich website talking about building a website. Now, I had no idea what this even was, so I decided to contact the person who had that website. Come to find out, the site belonged to a wonderful woman whom I immediately liked, and wanted to do business with. She created a wonderful website, filled with the products that I wished to sell, and I THOUGHT I was in business. Here I was finally on the web, with my own website, with my name in the bright lights. Man, oh man, I was famous!

Well, not so famous after all, as no one ever came to that wonderful looking website, no one ever bought anything from that website, and no one knew, or cared who Butch Hamilton was. I was, for the most part, dead in the water on the Internet, just as most people are who have some type of website where they are trying to make money online. My Ebay sales were still doing quite well; however, Hamilton Services was nowhere to be found. So, guess what I did? I started searching on Google How Do I Promote My Website? System after system, dollar after dollar spent, call after call made and literally anything that I could find out about website promoting I did, and still had no luck at finding the right answer. I am talking about thousands spent with no results.

Enter the Internet Education

I came across a system, an Internet Educational System that promised to provide me with the needed tools, training, mentoring and motivation that was needed to succeed with a business on the web. Naturally, I dove headfirst into this system, and soon became adept at the art and science of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is an ominous sounding phrase on the web, and is probably one of the most highly publicized, and the least known about systems anywhere. Most who claim to be SEO masters are really nothing but statistical geeks who spend most of their time trying to figure out how to create software that will take the place of real time search engine optimization services, like the one that I provide. Statistics, while a small part of the search engine optimizing process are not the key at all. SEO, is not about facts and figures, it is about content writing, in a keyword specific manner, using any digital means possible in which to add this content. This could be on websites, blogs, forums, social media organizations message boards, classified ad sites and others.

So the answer to the riddle is this. How Do I Promote My Website? Original, keyword specific content writing located in positions on the Internet where people are searching for this information. It is as simple, and as complicated as this. Butch Hamilton, The Wildcat SEO Master, is the one to choose for this type of particular writing as this is stock and trade.

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