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March 17, 2018
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How to Become Master of Your Domain!

Master of Your Domain

How to Become Master of Your Own Domain!

The first time I remember hearing the phrase Master of Your Own Domain, I was watching an episode of Seinfeld. I thought that probably one of the most hilarious sessions on that wonderful television program that I had ever seen. I knew at that moment that the show Seinfeld, created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, was destined for greatness. Just imagine, a show about people talking about absolutely nothing at all. Reminds me totally of Facebook. For the most part, it is just that way. Conversations about nothing at all, filled with drama, and watched by billions of people around the world.

In this particular case, the domain that we are speaking will be the Domain Name. The domain name when used on the internet can be thought of as your personal storefront on Google. It is where you will direct all of your interest and visitors, and tell them about what you are doing, what your interests are, and will be interacting with your readers in some way, hopefully for the best. This is what the power of the domain can, and will do for you IF you learn the art and science of mastering your own domain name!

In this timely and thought provoking article about domain names, I am going to be telling the true story about the power of domains, the places in which to buy domains and a little about hosting of the domain name that you decide to purchase. All of these elements should blend beautifully together, in order for you to gain readers, interests and curiosity about your site that you will create on your own domain name.

The Power of Domain Names

There is unbridled power within a domain name that you will purchase from a domain and hosting company. That little small, and somewhat piece of digital information can, and should become one of the most powerful allies that you have on the world wide web of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major search engines of the Internet. That domain name becomes powerful ONLY if you know how to create a proper site, and to then go about the business of promoting that site. You will not be Master of Your Domain until you learn the secrets of the trade, called search engine optimization.

Where to Buy Domains

When first starting out on the Internet in late 2003, I started buying domains from Godaddy. I had no reason for this, other than this is where I saw the most advertising coming from, and I figured they were the biggest, so they must be the best. Bob Parsons, then the owner of Godaddy, got filthy rich, partly due to my purchasing thousands of dollars worth of domains over the years from him. To this day, I still have no idea why I bought from Godaddy, as they are just another domain company


After being a professional on the Internet for many years, I now choose my own domain company as my preferred choice for domains, hosting and additional features that I use each and every day in my business. The links that I place within this article will lead the reader to the various systems and the domain and hosting company of my choosing. Now this comes from years of experience in all phases of domain purchasing, domain hosting, domain promoting and various other domain features that are used every day by me in my search engine optimization business.

Where to Buy Hosting Accounts

Hosting accounts are the next piece of the puzzle in Becoming Master of Your Own Domain. The hosting account you purchase, and host your priority driven domain name should be seamless, sophisticated, cost effective and provide all the additional tools that you need in order to succeed online with your worthy cause. The hosting account should always be stable, reliable, offer excellent customer support, and be relatively inexpensive to operate. Domain and hosting companies often overplay their importance, as is the case with Godaddy. Believe me, there are much more reliable, cheaper and better hosting and domain name systems on Google than them. I should know, as I use one of them many times per day in my SEO business.

Becoming Master of Your Domain (NAME)!

There are many additional points to consider, much too many to be discussed in one article about your domain name. I will be adding additional content on this subject on the site listed below. And by the way, this site is hosted at the domain and hosting company of my choice!

All of the links listed here will take the reader to additional domain and hosting information. All are approved, safe and can be viewed safely and securely with any and all browsers.

Information provided courtesy of WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM

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