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March 21, 2018
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Jan 9, 2018
Amarillo, Texas

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Starving Artists Needed!

Starving Artists Wanted

Starving Artists (Wanted!)

In the world of beautiful art and artwork, there is a concept that tells one at first glance, that the artist in question must indeed be making an incredible amount of money. After all, the art that you see is wonderful, amazing, stupendous and mind boggling. Just think, is it possible that anyone in the history of the world has ever created anything more spectacular, more beautiful, more wonderful, and yet, has fallen short of one particular thing. An most artists fall into this category. They have worked, struggled, created, bled, perspired, wept and all imaginable hardships to create their unique and majestic artwork, and the one single thing that they lack?

Lack Of Money!

Its a sad but true fact about artists. Most of them are highly creative, highly industrious, highly motivated and inspired to create their art. They will work non-stop for hours on end. Day after toiling and struggling day, to create the masterpiece of the century, but too often, they will fall short of their goals simply because no one will buy their art work, and no one will give them money even for a crust of bread.

Therefore, the dejected and forlorn artist will go through his or her life, never reaching the full notoriety and presence that they so richly deserve. They will go off to their day job, and yearn for the time when they can fulfill their life's calling and become the artist that they know they can become. They will spend their entire lives working in a go nowhere, do nothing job, supplying their beautiful and wonderful talents to those who do not deserve them at all, and never reach for anything more than the paltry paycheck at the end of the two week work schedule...

That is...


VIDA empowers artists around the world by connecting them with manufacturers to bring their art to new life in the form of apparel, accessories and home products.

Our Founder and CEO, Umaimah Mendhro, always strives to make an impact. Growing up around the textile industry in Pakistan she knew the factory workers, knew how products were made, and was constantly inspired by the beauty of the products. She started VIDA to not only challenge the fashion status quo, but improve it; therefore, allowing us to create, share, and discover more beauty within our globally interconnected world.

In particular, she wants to:

  1. Empower artists.

  2. We give artists and creatives around the world the ability to bring their art to new life through products. Designing on our platform is free, and there's no minimum order volume required.

  3. Educate our makers.

  4. We provide our factory workers around the world with empowering social programs relevant to their lives. We've collaborated on literacy and basic math programs in Pakistan, women's rights education in Turkey and personal finance and banking classes in India.

  5. Reduce waste.

  6. We do not hold inventory, we only produce our products upon purchase to do our part to conserve our world's resources.


  7. Produce quality products.

  8. In partnership with VIDA artists, we create high-end, beautiful apparel, accessories and home decor.

  9. Supply Needed Income to Starving Artists

  10. In order to preserve the sanctity of the artistic world, Umaimah Mendhro is making it possible for starving artists around the world to showcase their exquisite artwork, and earn money to feed their families as they continue in the process of supplying us all with the beautiful and inspired interpretations of art that make the world a better place in which to live.

Click the information below to view the most exquisite art of incredible individuals and purchase to help the cause of art in the world today.


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Wildcat Seo Master - VIDA

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Starving Artists Wanted Facebook Group!

Join Us and Further the Cause of Art!

Further the cause of beauty in the world, and click the various presentations to see pure art in motion. Decide to help starving artists around the world by purchasing their most unique masterpieces all created from the hearts of love and compassion for artwork.

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The Art Daily

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