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August 15, 2018
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Jul 3, 2018
Tucson, Arizona

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Taken to lightly - Asking for help was a disaster...

The story started as follows:

I am, Olivia Cheatham Shipman, a tenant at Sedona Springs, Tucson, AZ 85711; I was injured during the asphalt project on the road out front and around the local area, now my leg is not functioning. I have had a few spills getting around, now I can stand, but my legs won't function to allow me to walk. I have been homebound since last week Sunday, May 6, 2018. My feet suffered two jolts at the intersections of, Carondolet/Wilmot (near where I live) and the other 22nd/Harrison (near where I work), I travel by bus. It has taken its toll on my ability to walk and I need some assistance. I sent a message to the hospital out front and hoped that they would contact me. I may have a need for a wheelchair, a brace for my leg, crutches, or all of the above.

For over a week I have sent notes, emails, received and made calls and I need to be a little more mobile to that I can keep up with my livelihood and amenities.

I would prefer the hospital that is out front, because they also viewed the difficulty in travel during the repairs and I feel that they would be more understanding due to the complicated circumstances. I have managed to do some household chores and keep up with my hygiene, however, I need to determine how I am going to get from point (A) to point (B). There was already a few incidents out front and I don't want to be a public panic. I need some assistance for a walk-up service so that I can have my leg looked at and determine my traveling capacity. Also, my feet are very swollen. I usually have very boney feet and my two pinky toes have scorch marks; the others are a little dark as well.

I need help to the door to enter the hospital and will need some assistance in registering for stamps, medical, and ssa, from them or a local advocate.

I will look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Olivia Cheatham Shipman

I sent this email around in various forms trying to get some assistance, could not get a response, so I called 911 sometime before 12:00pm on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. The Fire Dept. paramedics arrived, helped me down the steps and took me across the street to Carondolet/St. Joseph. Now, why?

All day til I got them to sign me out...sob stories about some high blood pressure? Wait till someone sees the red whelps on my arm, from the blood pressure wrap and those metallic plugs, too many of them. Ran tests and took fluids and did the bp pills nothing for the leg. I had to brave my way out of there. At least pain killers for the leg, nothing. Even if I might refuse and told them I do not like medications had too many episodes with my respiratory over the years and try to stick to naturals, herbals, and generics...that's shelf medicines and vitamins without prescriptions.

I lived in the New York area before moving here. I know a lot of people are tough but there are no subways or certain types of alleys here in Tucson, like there. One of them, the ICU guy said something about my kidneys, it's my spleen you mad joker. I got a shank from fighting, when I was in high school. Dumb...Also, I'm still wide awake and high blood pressure or not ICU - is the Intensive Care Unit - like Life Support. All I wanted was a little therapy and help for my leg and a solution of a wheelchair or crutches to get around, so it could heal properly. But it's a joke like the Slimvance commercial - I am the one they were talking about that made the nutrition drink for the hospitals, and the mc joked about my not getting payment from them. They tried to stretch me down today. Got out of there around 9:00pm and still no help for my leg. But there is still hope for the world, a kind couple with there children assisted me back across the street yo my apartment. I can rest my nerves for a while. I opened Covenant House as a child with Father John O'Connor in NYC. That's help and honesty. Use a few kind words. I have several doctorates, everyone does not, it was very cruel how they tried to intimidate me.

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