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September 21, 2019
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Jul 4, 2019
Alden, Illinois

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Classified 5992172
(FELON PSA) 19187918792 Megan, Debbie & Family Blacklisted

(918) 791-8792

This family is a complete total waste of life. They are not smart they are stupid it will contact you with no intent on following instructions to ultimately purchase what they want do not waste time on this family that God has forgotten a long time ago the woman's man is a self-proclaimed felon.

This copy and paste is from the woman bitch

"I just don't feel comfortable sending all that information to someone that won't talk to me over the phone. Why are you monkeys half price? Everyone else's at $1,500-$4,000."

This person should already be dead by now but they haven't killed themselves yet I don't think. if you sell anything you know this is the worst customer in the world to ever have contact you. The typical useless customer is the information gatherer with no money with no permission to do anything from the person they're having sex with that is the case with this person she is a useless waste of life that is controlled by someone else and unfortunately this idiot is first Contact which is a waste of time because as women say I don't feel comfortable and this person the total retard because I called her and even though we spoke she still exhibited her retarded isms.

Next she goes on to lie to God copied and pasted here
"I'm praying for you, God bless you. We are no longer interested in your monkeys. Thank you for you time."

I would bet it literally when she said that she was praying for me she was not literally praying for me as that would have been impossible since she was then at that point texting me the fact that she was praying and she can't even unitask never mind multitask.

The next copy and paste is from the moron guy the self-proclaimed prison felon here is this genius copied and pasted

"Sorry bud this is the guy in the background and your best bet would be to lose this number! No one is ever gonna buy anything from you with an attitude and mouth like yours! I'll definitely be praying for you! You have some issues that only god can take care of! Believe me I've been to prison twice and been close to death multiple times I've seen the devil himself cause I used to be him so you don't scare me! But I turned my life over to the lord so like I said I'll keep you in my prayers!"

::: And this guy pretends to know it betting is by saying that my best bet would be to stop how would that even be a bet and what do you win?

People have purchased from us an uncountable amount of times over the last 20 or 30 years. with regards to attitude and mouth they would have never been able to hear any of that of which they mention if they were smart enough to just follow instructions.

for illustration purposes here is the text message that was beyond their intellectual quotient to figure out copied and pasted here


RE Finger Monkeys

Send 1) Screenshot of where you found our phone# 2) ID('s) (both sides) 3) Address 4) Confirm your 21+ & 5) Do you have CashApp?

Will get back to you again NEXT once your info is received. Happy 4th."

I was very nice straightforward and direct but this moron could not figure that out.

To address the question above we have different prices based on the sex the age and whether or not a customer needs breeding rights or not.

copy paste post share this everywhere on all of your social media today is July 4th 2019 the phone number listed above is being used by someone this day right now today that you should never do any business with if you're doing a background check that person should fail you dealing with felons the moronic part of society people who lie and is a public service announcement out about them right now do not trust them with your children do not trust them with your pets do not trust them with your parents elderly they are a waste of life do not trust these people any information you have on the user's of this phone number are encouraged to contact us here add to the comments below if you have pictures video or anything else on them please attic here or direct message me so that no one else has their time wasted with these scumbags and they are forced to change their phone number or keep it and be proud that this is what comes back for them...

if you would like to buy a monkey contact us you must be able to follow instructions and only contact us when you have money permission the ability and time to move forward do not contact us if you do not have money if you have to ask someone else if you can be happy etc contact us only if you are the one hundred percent decision making person ready to move forward now do not contact us if you are skeptical and a waste of life.

Act scene 5 9 a 32 7-5

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