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September 20, 2019
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Aug 22, 2019
Tampa, Florida

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Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros

Hood Cleaning, Restaurant Hood Cleaning, Hood Cleaning Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros, Hood Cleaners, Hood Cleaners Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros.
Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros has been serving the Tampa, Florida and surrounding area since 2014. Hood cleaning is the process of removing grease and contaminates from the commercial kitchen exhaust system.
The hood in a commercial kitchen is designed to remove airborne contaminates, grease and other particles. The air is sucked into the hood and filtered then, in most cases, it is vented out of the top of the roof.
The process of cleaning the hood in a commercial kitchen is relatively simple but should be done by a professional. First, we clear any movable objects from the area. We then put plastic sheeting up which works as a funnel into a trash can which catches the run-off water. We then spray an environmentally friendly chemical and wash it off with hot water with our pressure washer.
We inspect the hinges and fans to be sure they are clear of grease and there is no build-up or damage. A damaged fan can rattle and cause damage to the hood.
Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros specialize in cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Commercial kitchens use commercial-grade facilities to serve food for public consumption. Commercial kitchens are present in hotels, hospitals, schools, day care centers, senior living facilities, banquet halls and restaurants.
The majority of the commercial kitchens should have their hood cleaning done once a quarter. For those kitchens that donít get much use, the hood cleaning could be done every six months to a year. For those who use charcoal or hard wood, they should have their hood cleaning done once a month.
Today, insurance companies are starting to require restaurants to have a professional hood cleaning company do the work in order to sign them up for insurance. Relying on employees to do the hood cleaning can be dangerous. Even though they are cleaning to the best of their ability, they may not be getting deep enough into the hood to remove all of the grease.
It is important to remove and spray the filters out on a regular basis. If the filters are not cleaned, they can become clogged with grease which will reduce the number of particles that are filtered out. Hood filters can be washed in dishwashers in between hood cleaning jobs. However, if they are galvanized or aluminum you cannot clean them in the dishwasher. It is best to hand wash them.
Some of the things to look for to see if the filters need to be replaced are dents, corrosion or constant grease build-up. If there is a pungent odor, the hood filters should be cleaned. These odors can filter out of the kitchen and into the restaurant and that would not be good for the clientele.
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George Fontaine
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3625 W Cypress St
Tampa, Florida
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(813) 607-4980
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