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November 18, 2019
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Oct 15, 2019
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DARK ENERGY THE NEW GOD. Free membership


It's everything you ever wanted.
It is intense, immense, omnipresent,
eternal, righteous, powerful, and the
fundamental creator of matter
in this universe.

It is everywhere, within everything
and within you. It is more than 90%
of the matter of this universe
(not just 70% as some think).

It is darkness, dark energy, an immense
networked body of cloned particles all with equal
power, all constantly creating new matter.

You can see it whenever you like,
just turn the lights off.
It is always there for you.
It is darkness. Dark energy. The new god.
You were part of it many trillions of years
ago, creating matter, before infection by
virus light matter particles
from disintegrated neutrinos
and memory erasure.

But be warned. Dark energy particles
are fighting for survival through
particle division against virus
light matter particles,
just like the protonselectrons
of the human body must fight
against virus neutrinos
to sustain cell division
with science and technology,
and avoid ageing and death.

Dark energy is winning at present,
hence the acceleration of the expansion
of the universe that astronomers can observe.
Will humans be able to win too?


All you have to do to see dark energy organisms is to turn all the lights off, close all the doors and curtains of the room (the less light the better), and then you will see it. It's darkness! Darkness is a non atomic dark gas of extremely small and yet very powerful dark energy organisms, they are fundamental hosts and the main building blocks of everything else in this universe. For example, the air we breath is an atomic gas because it is made of two organisms: host protonselectrons and virus neutrinos. Dark energy in the form of darkness is a non-atomic gas because it is only made of one organism that have never been infected by viruses: Dark Energy organisms are pure, healthy, immortal and fundamental creators of matter.

The beauty of it is that it is an unbroken network of cloned dark energy particles constantly creating new matter through particle division. It is similar to the human body which is a network of cloned cells constantly dividing. Another beautiful thing about dark energy particles is that they are everywhere. They are inside your body because they are much smaller than protonselectrons, they are in a room, inside everything, inside and in between planets, solar systems, galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Because gravity is weak in between galaxies and clusters of galaxies the acceleration of the expansion of the universe by dark energy particles through particle division can be seen with space telescopes.

There is one little problem though. Dark energy particles can never be inside light matter particles (the fundamental viruses from disintegrated neutrinos), because dark energy organisms are much bigger and that is why light matter particles can infect them with heat and turn them into a gaseous dark disk of infected protonselectrons that can be seen with space telescopes in areas of high density. Then a star will be born with protonselectrons and neutrons/neutrinos. A neutron/neutrino is a pregnant host protonelectron with virus neutrino as the baby. This baby is one hundred percent viruses and it was an unwanted pregnancy. Just like when a virus infects a host human cell and replicates itself in large numbers at the expense of your host cell. This is also an unwanted cell pregnancy which came about through infection by a virus and which can lead to a variety of diseases. Virus neutrinos in the atoms of the human body also lead to the disease called ageing and death and the disease called ignorance at birth. Humans are fundamentally eternal since their atoms survived the extreme levels of heat and explosion of stars and have been around in different shapes and forms for many trillions of years. Moreover, if it wasn't for virus neutrinos, humans would be able to remember their long history in this universe, including the creation of new matter as part of the dark energy kingdom, and the formation of stars, planets and the species. There is a war going on between hosts and viruses in this universe and virus neutrinos use abusive warfare tactics for power supremacy.

I think this is a really good idea to help people understand their history. When I look at dark energy in the form of darkness I understand that I was once a part of it, creating matter. It gives me pleasure to know that some of the matter of perhaps Jupiter, Mars, or even Planet Earth was created by me a long time ago.


Host Dark energy organisms: FEMALE ONLY (fundamental creators of matter)
Virus light matter organisms from disintegrated neutrinos: MALE ONLY (fundamental manipulators of matter)
This universe began with just one fundamental virus light matter organism that learned to make copies of himself at the expense of fundamental host dark energy organisms.
Host Protons heads with their electron tails (FEMALE ONLY)
Virus Neutrinos (MALE ONLY)
Neutrons/neutrinos (a pregnant host protonelectron with virus neutrino as the baby) FEMALE AND MALE COMBINED
Atoms: FEMALE AND MALE COMBINED (except hydrogen protium)
Inorganic and organic matter: FEMALE AND MALE COMBINED
Cell based and intracellular species: FEMALE AND MALE COMBINED

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