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December 17, 2017
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Nov 15, 2017
Decatur, Georgia

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Clearing a Closet an Overstuffed Closet, "No Need To Drop Off... We'll Come To You"

Clearing a Closet an Overstuffed Closet, "No Need To Drop Off... We'll Come To You"
Clutter clearing,oppressed by clutter. Do not buy one single organizing gadget, all you need is a few boxes or big garbage bags. You need to figure out who's going to get all the stuff that you're going to give away.
It's much easier to let go of things when you can imagine who'll benefit from receiving them.
You'll go through it several times and each time, you'll eliminate a new layer of clutter, until nothing's left except things you want to keep.
We're most suspicious of anything that still has tags or was a gift or anything that doesn't fit you or that you associate with pregnancy. You'll eliminate a layer!! The giveaway pile was already large, now you look for duplicates!
If you have 4 pairs of black pants, are you really ever going to wear your least favorite pair?
Nope. Goodbye to some khakis, shirts and turtleneck sweaters. No,keep it! Absolutely keep some clothes for sentimental value just store them somewhere else.
They don't need to be in your main clothes closet. You start a box for keepsake clothes and slid it onto a high, unused shelf. Now we're warmed up.You'll go through the whole closet again and you'll see, there's more you'll want to take out.
Slowly the back of the closet will become visible. By the time you're done the closet will look like something from a magazine. You'll achieve the ultimate luxury: an empty shelf. The feeling will be thrilling and triumphant.

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Email Address-fs1@fastservice.com
Cell Phone-470 257 7292
Sundays-Saturday pick ups for now
Call anytime

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