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December 15, 2017
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Oct 28, 2017
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The 10 most important points:

1. What is a paedophile? (USA spelling: pedophile)
A person who is sexually attracted to children.

2. Are women who enjoy breastfeeding children paedophiles?
Yes they are, because they feel sexually aroused with breastfeeding and some even admit this has led to orgasm. But even if the female clitoris, vagina, ovaries and uterus didn't exist, breasts are sexual in nature, not only because they can provide high physical pleasure in a more sustained manner than the clitoris and the vagina, but also because the mother craves physical contact with the child, eg she wants to have her breasts sucked, and uses the child to satisfy her cravings. This is not love, this is lust. Many women become so addicted that they carry on breastfeeding their children until they are 8 or more years, most in secret. This is not acceptable and is child abuse. Moreover the children are very likely to behave like the mother when they grow up, and the spiral of paedophilia will continue.

3. What are the sexual organs in a woman?
Breasts, clitoris and vagina. They are connected and can communicate with each other and can all give high sexual physical pleasure. Breasts are sexual in nature, just like the clitoris and vagina are. They crave for physical contact and specially sucking. For example, oral sex between adults covers sucking the breasts, sucking the clitoris, sucking the penis. If a woman wants breast physical pleasure she should find another adult to have fun with, not a child.

4. Why is it that some people say that breast milk is best - is it true?
No, it is not true. In fact breast milk has many drawbacks: 1) the mother cannot accurately judge if the child is drinking enough for growth on a day to day basis. 2) cow's milk can be formulated to be just as nutritious or better than breast milk in a consistent manner, eg the mother's milk will vary in quality according to her general health (it is a known fact that diseases like for example AIDS from HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) can be transmitted through breast milk and if a child is breastfed by the wrong mother (or the biological mother is known to have one or more infectious diseases), tests are undertaken to find out if the child has been infected), formula milk is always the same and since it has been ultra heat treated (the ready made type in cartons), it is more safe. Some types of formula milk have prebiotics, special nutrients that are similar to the ones found in some fruit and vegetables and can strengthen the immune system. Moreover after a brief period on formula milk (or if preferred breast milk expressed or pumped into a bottle) some mothers are able to give their babies diluted sterilised or ultra heat treated (UHT) cow's milk, and even add suitable for babies oats or rice milk to the diluted cow's milk, plus suitable for babies, eg very small doses, of extra vitamins and minerals, and the babies flourish and grow well. The main thing is to consult a pedologist regarding the water content of the milk, since babies need to drink enough water, and so on. Diluted home made fruit juices and vegetable soups well sieved and put in a bottle are all part of a baby's healthy diet. In fact, the mother and father should have been eating the right diet at least a year before conception of the baby (plenty of fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet) and if applicable should have stopped smoking, drinking alcohol and eating junk food to ensure that sperm and egg quality were at their best and more likely to produce a healthy child. 3) With breastfeeding the father cannot share in feeding the children and may feel left out. 4) The mother becomes addicted to breastfeeding and it can affect her relationship with the father. 5) The mother spends most of her time breastfeeding (some 20 times a day or every half hour), which hinders her and the children intellectually. 6) The father may begin sexually abusing the children because he feels the mother is abusing them with her addiction to breastfeeding. Mutual respect is eroded. Moreover the mother may end up having full oral sex with the children, eg involving the sucking of all sexual organs, and some convicted paedophiles and rapists have admitted that their mothers gave them and expected oral sex. It is clear that breastfeeding is the root of most sexual evil, including rape between brothers and sisters and rape by strangers.

5. Why is it that many people find breastfeeding in public disgusting?
Because they sense there is a sexual element to breastfeeding and that children are being abused.

6. But if most mammals breastfeed, isn't it what nature intended?
Nature is both good and evil. The human brain is complex and capable of making a better choice due to science and technology. The right thing to do is to choose good and not use children as sexual objects.

7. But most children seem to want and enjoy the breast?
Children are born ignorant and will adapt to what is given to them. If a child is fed from birth on formula milk (or if preferred breast milk expressed or pumped into a bottle), he/she will not want or miss the breast. He/she will end up more independent (feeding himself/herself with the bottle) and will get the benefit of being fed by both parents, not just one.

8. Is it true that breast milk helps with a higher IQ in children?
No, the opposite is true. The child (just like the mother) becomes obsessed with the breast and has less interest in his/her surroundings. Breastfeeding on demand not only impairs the intellectual progress of the mother, but also of the children. Moreover, there is biological intelligence and acquired intelligence. Biological intelligence is based on healthy eggs and sperm from parents and grandparents that have lived a healthy lifestyle with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Acquired intelligence has to do with the learning process of a baby. The more intellectual stimulation a baby gets the more connections the brain creates and the more intelligence.

9. Who wrote this page, a woman or a man?
A woman.

10. What advice would you give to women who breastfeed?
Give it up. Be addicted to love, eg helping your child with his/her learning of the world, teaching him/her right from wrong, playing with your child games that may improve his/her intellectual abilities. Research has shown that is never too early to help a child intellectually. For example, even in the womb some babies like to listen to soothing music and their brains can store memories. Lusting after children for sexual gratification is paedophilia and breastfeeding should be made illegal. Men paedophiles are taken to court if they sexually abuse children, women paedophiles should suffer the same fate. If a woman is still keen on giving a child breast milk, use breast pumps to extract the milk or express the milk and put it in a bottle. Resist temptation. Don't use children as sexual objects.

If you have any comments, please send an email to the Anti Breastfeeding Campaign. Click on Message at the top of this page.
1. Please don't say: "Virgin Mary breastfed, was she a paedophile?" How could a virgin have a baby without sex in those days? IMPOSSIBLE. If she enjoyed breastfeeding, she was a paedophile, and she definitely had sex.
2. Please don't say: "God made breasts for babies." Wait a minute, did you forget that the devil also exists? Breasts were very likely to be designed by the devil, to trap you and ensnare you and get you to lust after children. THINK ABOUT THIS: There are TWO gods, one good, the other bad. BUT THEY BOTH HAVE PLENTY OF POWER. Who are you going to follow?
3. Please don't say: "Whatever next, an anti vagina campaign?" Yeah, you are quite right. How about a PRO CLONING campaign? You reproduce by dividing in two, like bacteria do. You make a copy of yourself, like identical twins do. Much better than all the mess and abuse of sex and sexual organs, and let's face it more utterly DIVINE.
4. Please don't say: "The bible this and the bible that." The bible is just full of sickening lies. Most of it a work of fiction (miracles, resurrections and so on). But then fiction is more popular than fact. I bet is the devil in you. And no, this has nothing to do with atheism since there is definitely good and evil. Is just that the truth is not in the bible. What did you say? That your mom believes in the bible? And I say to you, use your own brain lady. Use a magnifying glass. Find all the lies.


The five most important points:

1. Your campaign for the legal execution (death sentence) of pedophiles and drugaddicts is not new. There are other organizations campaigning for the legal execution of pedophiles and some countries legally execute people with drug related offences.
What you say is true, but I want to draw attention to female pedophiles and the serious offence of oral sex with children. Oral rape, as some people call it, not only can lead to deadly sexual diseases but can also lead to sexual intercourse between mothers and sons. For example some convicted pedophiles and rapists have complained that their mothers began abusing them with oral sex (the sucking of breasts, clitoris and penis), but then they also wanted penis penetration. Needless to say that such pedophiles and rapists were mentally scarred by their mothers. Female pedophiles degrade other women and children because some sexually abused men see them as fair game for rape, torture and murder, because after all their mothers raped them too. There are a number of women in different countries campaigning for extended breastfeeding and for breastfeeding in public places. These pedophile women, the height of selfishness, cannot get enough of having their breasts sucked by children because they are addicted to sexual arousal and orgasms with children as admitted by some of them, and so they want to breastfeed each of their children, not just for six months, but for eight or more years, for no other reason than pure sexual selfishness and they also want to do it in public places to add to the depravity. Moreover some female pedophiles are members of pedophile rings whereby mothers swap their children around and get their breasts sucked by different children, in some cases leading to full oral sex (the sucking of all sexual organs). This is repulsive behaviour and a source of sexual diseases and mental scars for children. Clearly the children born to such women will very likely become pedophiles themselves, and this is why I am campaigning for breastfeeding to be made illegal so that any baby milk, including breast milk, should be put in a bottle.

2. Why do you think pedophiles and drugaddicts deserve a death sentence?
Because they are the height of selfishness and disease and they prey on the ignorance of children and adults. For example in some countries around 80% of all crime is drug related, but worse of all, the children born to drugaddicts or living with drugaddict relatives are in most cases doomed. Not only will they be given drugs but they will be sexually abused by their parents and the drugaddict mates of such parents. You have to remember that drugs, just like alcohol, are mainly used for sexual stimulation and sexual highs. Many children around addicts will be abused without mercy and will be denied the education and the standards of living they deserve (many drugaddicts often run out of food and electricity since they spend most of their money on drugs). Moreover children born to pedophiles are at risk of being sold as sexual objects within pedophile rings. Pedophile parents often videotape themselves abusing their own children for the benefit of pedophile rings who may pay for such videos. Clearly pedophiles and drugaddicts are the most evil people on the planet because they prey on ignorance and time and time again betray a position of trust, and so they deserve a death sentence.

3. How about the so called Rehabs or Rehabilitation centres, aren't they useful to change pedophiles and drugaddicts around?
The awful truth is that only a minority of pedophiles and drugaddicts will ever change as proven time and time again. For example you have to understand how the brain works and why is so difficult to change people. It is crucial that the brain is explained about right versus wrong, health versus disease and love versus lust from childhood. Children that are only taught wrong by the people they live with are very unlikely to change upon reaching adulthood simply because they cannot compare between right and wrong and make a choice as they can only remember wrong. The brain has become incapable of choosing because the memories offer no choice since there are no strong opposing views stored in them. Of course that after a couple of chances on rehab any pedophile or drugaddict that will not change should be legally executed. But memories are not the whole story. Some people refer to persistent criminals as being born 'bad' and that is why they cannot change. The truth about this subject is simple. Bad people by nature can only be born from parents with unhealthy eggs and sperm due to substance abuse, poor nutrition, and so on, leading to an imbalance in the brain. For example certain types of injury in the brain can change the character of a person for the extreme worse, which proves the point that an imbalanced brain can lead to imbalanced behaviour. In any case persistent pedophiles and drugaddicts are the most evil people on the planet and will always deserve the death penalty.

4. Why do you say that pedophiles and drugaddicts are capable of destroying a country?
Well, is already happening that in some countries drug barons, drug dealers and drugaddicts have more power than the government and the police and pedophiles have worldwide rings to sexually abuse children and earn money from it. Children have become a sexual thing to sell and abuse and torture. Even babies are raped for the depraved enjoyment of pedophiles who buy the videos. You have to understand that sexual abuse is often linked to torture with repulsive devices and to drugs. Drugs, pedophilia, is all linked through sex. Pedophile and drugaddict parents can be sexual monsters and we are letting ignorant children be abused without mercy. And don't forget that a large number of cases of sexual and drug abuse go unreported because children are too scared of their parents to speak out. Moreover pedophiles and drugaddicts are destroying the intellectual progress of the children and adults around them. Bright children that can excel academically are a minority, ask any teacher at any school. Children born from these people have been conceived with an unhealthy cocktail of dangerous chemicals or are raised for sexual abuse. A sure recipy for intellectual disaster and mental and physical disabilities, including learning difficulties which have become widespread. Clearly a country ruled by pedophiles and drugaddicts will eventually destroy itself as there are less and less trustworthy people capable of performing the jobs needed for survival, eg doctors, teachers, scientists, the police, the army and so on.

5. So what do you think should happen to children born from pedophiles and drugaddicts?
They should be removed from their biological parents at birth and given for adoption to trustworthy parents. The system is failing children miserably if this is not done. Basically pedophiles and drugaddicts do character, physical and financial assassination of those around them everyday. It is only fair that they should be legally executed if all they will ever offer is depravity and the moral, intellectual, physical and financial deterioration of those around them.

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